Rouhani re-elected as Iran's president after landslide win

2017-05-20 22:20 GMT+8
Editor Wang Xuejing

Incumbent President Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected as Iran's president, the country's Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli announced on Saturday.

Rouhani received 23.5 million votes, according to the ministry.

In his first speech following re-election, Rouhani said the result has shown people's rejection of calls to stop reforms in Iran and the country has chosen a path of interaction with the world. 

Friday's election was a battle between two frontrunners – Rouhani, the incumbent president who tried to bank on his achievement in securing a nuclear deal with Western powers; and Ebrahim Raisi, a former member of Iran's judiciary who is thought to have had the support of the country's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Rouhani, 68, became president after winning a 2013 election by a wide margin. His desire to engage in diplomacy with Western powers led to the landmark nuclear agreement in July 2015, which lifted international sanctions imposed over Iran's nuclear program.


Iran's Interior Ministry said more than 40 million ballots were cast in Friday's vote, indicating a turnout of about 70 percent. The voting was extended three times to 11 p.m. (1830 GMT) due to heavy turnout, according to Iran's state television.

The president of Iran is elected every four years and can only serve two terms. It is considered to be the most senior official next to the Supreme Leader, and the holder of the post is responsible for the execution of the decrees and wishes of the Supreme Leader.

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