Interview with SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov: India and Pakistan to give new impetus to the development of SCO
By Han Jie

2017-06-07 11:25 GMT+8

3km to Beijing

By CGTN's Hou Na

India and Pakistan will be accepted as members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) this week at a summit to be attended by President Xi Jinping in Astana, Kazakhstan. 

The move will make the SCO one of the biggest regional organizations, covering about half of the world's population. 

SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov told CGTN that it will be a historical meeting that the SCO leaders will sign the special agreement to welcome India and Pakistan.

SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov /CGTN Photo

He said it was a historical moment, but not to forget that it was a process. The first time India and Pakistan came to Astana as observers was exactly twelve years ago.

Now, twelve years later, India and Pakistan will come to Astana again to become the full members. He said with the participation of India and Pakistan, SCO will become stronger.

Alimov spoke to CGTN's Hou Na /CGTN Photo

He said he hopes that India and Pakistan will comply with the SCO Charter, adhere to the idea of good-neighborliness and improve their bilateral relations, as well as give new impetus to the development of the organization.

Meanwhile, Assistant Foreign Minister Li Huilai stated China's views at a news conference on Monday. Li said India and Pakistans' accession to the SCO will increase the organization's global impact and representative nature.