Yizhuang will host Beijing's first test road for self-driving vehicles
By Wang Xueying
Beijing's first road for the testing of autonomous driving will be located in the Yizhuang economic development area, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport announced on Friday.
Concept picture of autonomous cars driving on the road /Global Times Photo

Concept picture of autonomous cars driving on the road /Global Times Photo

The commission said traffic signals, signs and road markings in the area to the southeast of the capital will be updated in order to make self-driving vehicles identify them more easily. 
However, it added that the construction timetable had not yet been determined.
Last month, Beijing issued guidelines to accelerate road testing for automated driving that require vehicles to pass indoor testing before hitting the road and to be able to switch between self-driving and conventional modes. Only entities registered in China are allowed to apply for the road test.
Self-driving cars./CGTN Gif

Self-driving cars./CGTN Gif

As for test run, drivers must have over three years of driving experience. If there are accidents during road testing, the test drivers will bear legal liability.
Currently, at least 10 countries have rolled out policies on self-driving vehicles. So far, Beijing has built a complete industrial chain for automated driving, serving as a hub for technology innovation, talent and companies.
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency