Sharing the Beauty: Latin American and Caribbean Art Exhibition held in Beijing
And from sharing culinary delights to "Sharing the Beauty". That's the name of a new exhibit in Beijing by Latin American and Caribbean artists. The artworks in the exhibition aim to help Chinese visitors expand their understanding of the region's important role in the history of modern and contemporary art. Li Qiong reports.
Shedding new light on the social climate, cognitive state and predicament of the people through abstract paintings, and arranging works into geometric patterns, independent of each other to represent infinity.
These art pieces hail from seven Latin American and Caribbean countries.
LI QIONG BEIJING "Latin American art has been greatly influenced by European cultures during the colonial period. And in modern times, especially during the past half a century, artists have been trying hard in developing indigenous art. In the works on display, we could get a glimpse of these countries' past and the present."
Since gaining independence from colonial rule, many artists, who lived abroad and participated in the Western modern art movement, returned to the country to contribute to the local modern art. Their styles too went from imitating Western neo-classicalism to aboriginalism and fresco painting.
Some choose to reveal historical, political and social conflicts, taking up topics such as inequality, children and gender identity.
Through a series of large format cotton paper pieces, the Mexican artist creates an entire landscape that transgresses from two-dimensional to three-dimensional geometry. While exploring archaic traditions with state-of-the-art technologies, he found inspiration in ancient Chinese wisdom.
The Latin American and Caribbean Art Exhibition runs through May 2nd at the Culture Palace of Nationalities in Beijing. LQ, CGTN.