Airbus to set up innovation center in China
Airbus, the France-based European plane manufacturer announced on Monday that it would set up an innovation and research center in China in order to "support (its) future products and services".
"The new Airbus innovation center, which is tasked with defining the future of flight by identifying the next big change to transform the aerospace sector, will serve to strengthen Airbus' extended innovation eco-system," Airbus said in a press release.
"China's fast-paced start-up culture makes it an ideal place for Airbus to create a new innovation center. Growth has come to China from manufacturing, technology, and finance nowadays," it added.
The Airbus Group. /Xinhua Photo

The Airbus Group. /Xinhua Photo

A location will be announced at a later date, according to the statement.
The company also named Luo Gang as the center's CEO. He will be charged with establishing "the center to be fully operational when it officially opens later in 2017," it said.
China is a powerhouse of innovation, who has a strong and comprehensive ecosystem including hardware, software and artificial intelligence, said Luo.
Extending this technical experience to the aerospace industry will help to promote the innovation at "Chinese speed" in manufacturing, unpiloted technology, urban air transportation and in-flight experience, he added.
Luo Gang, CEO of Airbus’ new innovation center in China. /

Luo Gang, CEO of Airbus’ new innovation center in China. /

Airbus now has core scientific research bases in several cities including France's Toulouse, Germany's Hamburg and Britain's Filton, and an innovation center in the Silicon Valley, the US.
This new innovation center in China is expected to be officially put into service by the end of 2017.
(With input from Xinhua)