Interview with HK NPC Deputy Bernard Chan
By Li Jiejun
Bernard Chan was the “king of the votes” in the election for Hong Kong’s NPC deputies last year. With such a strong mandate, he said he would submit two or three proposals to the national legislature during this year’s Two Sessions.
He said one of them is related to China’s Belt and Road initiative, which has created favorable external conditions for China’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to invest abroad. Chan said while these companies are in pursuit of economic return, they should also contribute to the sustainable development of the route countries. 
Chan said these SOEs can do a lot to help people in those nations emerge from poverty and enjoy a better life.
Since 2008, Chan has been elected to be Hong Kong‘s NPC deputy for three terms. He witnessed closer economic integration between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland during the past 10 years. However, conflicts have also emerged. Due to various reasons, some Hong Kong residents harbor sentiments of hostility towards mainland Chinese, and some young people have even called for independence from the motherland.
As an NPC deputy, Chan hopes to do more to reduce the tension. He said NPC deputies should act as a bridge between the Hong Kong people and the central government. 
Chan said as China has risen to be the world’s second largest economy, the whole world is watching China’s Two Sessions.
Many countries are following how China acts and plans its future. He hopes China’s new leadership will help the country enter another glorious phase in the next five years.