Ara Kimbo to Be Continued: Legendary singer shares more about his music career
Updated 20:13, 06-Aug-2019
In an interview with Ara Kimbo, also known as "the father of folk songs in Taiwan", Julian Waghann also learned more about the development of folk songs in the mainland and on the island as well as the inspiration that sparks the singer's creative works.
Q1: What's happening to folk songs in the mainland and also in Taiwan?
Q2: What about the new generation who grew up with social media, the idea of storytelling and socially engaged is perhaps a bit different now. What is the essence of folk song and how can folk songs find resonance with this new generation?
Q3: You were a guest on CCTV's popular show "The Readers" in 2016. You said the moment you put your fingers on the keyboard, you were transported to your youth. What drew you to this show that was obviously not just sparking you?
Q4: How did you feel when you went back to the stage again?
Q5: In your daily composition or work, where do you look to for inspiration?
Q6: What sort of song in this room for you?