Venezuela opposition to hold symbolic vote on constituent assembly proposal
The opposition in Venezuela is set to hold a symbolic vote on Sunday, serving an opportunity to reject President Nicolas Maduro's plans for a constituent assembly, which would have the power to rewrite the constitution. 
After months of often violent demonstrations, the vote represents a new tactic in opposition efforts to say "no" to the president, and his plans for Venezuela's future.
The preparations are well underway for the vote on Sunday, with members of the opposition swearing in election personnel and handing out practice ballots.
Long lines and chronic shortages of food and medicine are just some of the problems facing the country. Venezuela's inflation rate hit 800 percent last year.  
President Maduro says he has a plan to end the crisis – starting with the election of a constituent assembly at the end of the month. His government says the vote on Sunday is illegal, but opposition leaders beg to differ.
The ballots will be hand-counted by volunteers, and then destroyed, to protect voters from political persecution. Opposition supporters say they're hopeful their message will be loud and clear, and their symbolic vote will be a positive step to bring Venezuela back from the brink.