Intl. Horticultural Exhibition: A look at folk customs and performances from Guizhou province
Updated 14:08, 05-Aug-2019
The International Horticultural Exhibition is underway in Beijing's Yanqing district. And China's southwest province of Guizhou is hosting an event to showcase its biodiversity and culture.
With a chorus of voices and natural sound, singers perform 'Dong Song' outside the Gui Rui theater. It's the first ethnic minority group performance to celebrate the Guizhou province at the expo. Officials took part in the opening ceremony to mark the special day.
XIANG SHOUDU,DEPUTY DIRECTOR GUIZHOU FORESTRY BUREAU "In addition to the opening ceremony, there will be ethnic performances, and other activities to introduce Guizhou's natural scenery, ethnic customs, ecological culture and other featured resources during these three days."
Guizhou batik, silver jewelry, tea art, all of these are part of Guizhou's cultural heritage. The local craftsmen entertain and talk to tourists.
VOLUNTEER BEIJING INTERNATIONAL HORTICULTURAL EXPO 2019 "Batik is an ancient dyeing method that has been passed down, especially in ethnic minority groups in Guizhou. You can feel a pure happiness, a harmony and warmth between human and nature in the making progress."
A wax knife, a plate of melted wax, a piece of white cloth, this is the beauty of batik making. The birds are so vivid and beautiful.
Now, let's enjoy the shade in the Guizhou Pavilion. It's been designed as a mountain park, a microcosm of the developing Guizhou province.
VISITOR "There are landscapes, waterfalls and mountains in the garden, which impressed me a lot."
VISITOR "I feel very cool and comfortable here and take lots of nice photos."
At the Horticultural Expo, visitors can get to experience a bit of Guizhou -- a multi-ethnic province that boasts beautiful ecology and diverse cultures. Jen Kwan, CGTN.