​Football Diplomacy: A look into President Xi Jinping's football dream
China dreams of being a global football powerhouse by 2050 and aims to build a national team capable of winning the World Cup. And it is no secret that President Xi Jinping himself is a football enthusiast and the country's Number One fan. XING RUINAN has more on the man and his sporting spirit.
Kicking off a football match in Ireland, receiving football shirts of both the national team and Boca Juniors in Argentina, Chinese president Xi Jinping has proven himself to be a massive football fan. President Xi has got quite a number of fellow sporting fans alongside him as well: Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Sergio Agüero, and David Beckham.
MAURICIO MACRI ARGENTINIAN PRESIDENT "I know that President Xi Jinping is also a football fan. If he likes football, he will surely like Boca Juniors. It's one of the world's best football teams."