Taste of India in Southern China: Indian restaurant thriving in small tourist county
Updated 13:54, 11-Sep-2019
For years it was one of southern China's best-kept secrets. Then it started attracting tourists, many of whom stayed and set up businesses. And today, the small county of Yangshuo in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a major destination. Among the foreign businesses there are some food and beverage gurus, happy to bring flavors from around the world home to southern China. CGTN reporter Omar Khan met with one Indian restaurant owner who has found quite the success in the scenic location.
Yangshuo. One of China's most notable travel destinations, situated along the Lijiang River and surrounded by karst mountains. Over the past decade, the quaint area has attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, including some foreign visitors. The town's famed West Street has transformed into a bustling alley-way complete with bars, restaurants and shops. And for one Indian restaurant owner, this is just one of the many reasons why he has come to southern China.
Having spent more than 10 years in China, Akhilesh has seen both changes to running a business and the opportunities presented. With 4 years under his belt in Yangshuo, the young business owner believes that despite the commercialization of the small county, the changes are for the better.
Having already moved to a larger location, and having topped the local Trip Advisor rankings, the Indian entrepreneur believes that Yangshuo's visitors are more open to trying new cuisines.
Serving up food from northern parts of India, Akhilesh has found quite the success, appealing to both local visitors and foreigners. And looking to the future, he hopes to take the flavors of India to other parts of China, while always holding on to what he's created in southern China. Omar Khan, CGTN, Yangshuo, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.