Think tank: China's overall image improved globally in 2017
By Sun Ye, Wang Peng
To take a yearly look at the country's national image, the top Chinese think tank, Center for International Communications Studies of CIPG has asked people in 22 countries to report on their impressions of China. Results from the 2017 survey were handed out Friday in Beijing. 
The survey found that China's global image is steadily improving. Though scoring just a little above 6 on a scale of 10, it's still a MAJOR step ahead compared with 2011.
Cheng Manli, director of the National Institute of Strategic Communication at Peking University told CGTN that, “This is not at all surprising. People are experiencing Chinese contributions. Especially now that last year has seen China delivering actual benefits to outsiders, for example, those along the Belt and Road route.” 
But the report also found a higher level of concern, among those who fear Chinese enterprises' going-out would challenge local enterprises. The figure grew 10 percent from the last survey.
Cheng, who has been following the survey for the last few years and studied how the Belt and Road initiative has influenced others, said that “It's natural to fear for competition. But it's still a case of seeing is believing. When these people really get a feel of the boost and synergy Chinese companies and their projects bring them, attitudes will change.”
CGTN Photo

CGTN Photo

The survey in 2017 reached more than 10000 people worldwide. And it found that the younger the interviewees are, the MORE likely they hold China in a favorable light. 
Researchers credit this to their willingness to adjust biases, more engagement with cultural and personal exchanges and better access to information.
Shi Anbin, a professor with the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University said, “Before, people would rely a lot on western media who have their own take on China. But now they have more, neutral choices.”
Shi also pointed out that CGTN, though just one year-old, stands out as a media outlet that provides neutral, unbiased news coverage. 
The report also found that the high-speed railway remains China's best known technological invention.
The most widely-known Chinese brands are LENOVO, Huawei, and Alibaba all coming from the technology and IT sector.
And the place most people hope to visit in China is Beijing.