84 percent of Chinese happy to go out without cash
About 84 percent of Chinese people are happy to go out without any cash, according to a report on mobile payment usage in China released by Chinese mobile payment solution Wechat Pay.
The report 2017 Mobile Payment Usage in China was released Friday during the 3rd Asia-Pacific Regional Forums on Smart Cities and e-Government which was held in the north suburb of Bangkok.
Based on statistics collected from 6,596 users around 324 Chinese cities, the report said 40 percent of Chinese go out with less than 100 Chinese yuan (15.2 U.S. dollars) of cash, even 14 percent of Chinese have already begun their cashless life.
Asked whether they can go out without cash, 84 percent said they are "calm" with it while only 4 percent cannot and 12 percent feels concerned.
The report, conducted by Tencent, that developed the famous Chinese social media Wechat and Wechat Pay, said China is a good example in terms of mobile payment development.
"Tech companies in China today have built a holistic eco-system covering financial services including third-party payments, monetary funds, insurance, online banking, credit rating, and consumer loans," the report said, adding that these tools and services would offer a better and more convenient payment experience to consumers, and offer more inclusive financial services, thereby creating a more productive society.
"We are beginning to see both Chinese solutions and models for digitized financial services increasingly adopted worldwide. Beginning with mobile payments, Chinese FinTech companies will contribute to the global development of financial technologies, and bring digital inclusive finance to all those who are in need," the report put forward.
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency