Huawei wins over Samsung in intellectual property violation case
A Chinese court has ruled that South Korean tech behemoth Samsung violated intellectual property laws in a case brought by Chinese tech giant Huawei.
The Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court on Thursday ordered Samsung to stop infringing on Huawei's wireless communication technology and cease the manufacturing and sale of the products that use the technology.

Watch the rebroadcast of CGTN's live coverage of the court ruling in south China's Shenzhen.

While the court ruled in favor of Huawei, it did not order Samsung to pay the Chinese tech company any damages.
A CCTV screenshot shows the intellectual property court in Shenzhen.

A CCTV screenshot shows the intellectual property court in Shenzhen.

"Samsung made mistakes during their patent cross-licensing deal with Huawei, while Huawei didn't," the judge said. "The company also tried to drag on during the mediation process."
The judge announced that Samsung must stop making and selling products that infringed Huawei's patent, which centers on 4G communication technology that ensures that correct data reaches users' phones.
But the court denied other requests from Huawei, including financial compensation. Samsung was asked to pay a small court fee worth 1,000 yuan (some 150 US dollars).
Both companies can appeal the court ruling.
CCTV Screenshot‍

CCTV Screenshot‍

Samsung also lost another patent battle to Huawei late last year, paying 80.5 million yuan (12.4 million US dollars) to the Chinese firm.
Huawei is the world's third-largest smartphone maker after Samsung and Apple, but the company has been having a hard time entering the US market, as mobile carrier AT&T pulled the plug on cooperation at the last minute.
Huawei's flagship smartphone, Mate 10 Pro, is available unlocked in the US market now.