China's Overseas Warehouses: Spanish companies welcome goods from Chinese e-commerce platforms
Updated 22:10, 02-Dec-2018
Overseas warehouses have been a game changer for Chinese companies - allowing them to connect their e-commerce platforms with delivery services around the world. And for companies in Spain, they're welcoming the new option, as Chinese goods are pouring into the Spanish market. Xi Jia has this story.
XI JIA MADRID, SPAIN "This is one of the biggest overseas warehouses being used by Chinese e-commerce platforms. It can send out more than 10-thousand boxes per day to European consumers. In the past, it took one month for people to get their goods from China, but now, it takes only one day."
This warehouse is 4000 square meters in size and is staffed by 60 people. The recent double 11 day shopping spree brought a 10 fold increase in orders.
ZOU SUONI SALES MANAGER, YIDA OVERSEAS WAREHOUSE "After the goods are delivered from China to Spain, we receive them first, just like what they are doing now behind us, and then they check, count and sort the goods, and then put the goods on the shelves."
Domestic enterprises transport a large number of goods to the target market countries before the order comes. That's why local customers are able to get their packages in such a short time. Fran, the manager of a Spanish Post company, says because of the overseas warehouses, delivery numbers for his company have been greatly increasing.
FRANCISCO JAVIER MIRANDA CHINA, ASIA BUSINESS DIRECTOR, CORREOS SPAIN "In the last three years that we have been working with the Chinese company."
The existence of overseas warehouse has largely improved customer experience and satisfaction. Merchants can react immediately and find a solution for customers with the help of the warehouse.
LUIS PIDAL MANAGER, YIDA OVERSEAS WAREHOUSE "Now we have more access to goods from China that we did not have before. Now we can bring in cameras, electronic devices, and that's really good for customers in Spain."
In the future, overseas warehouses will also help customers with the return and replacement of products, to better maintain after sale services. Xi Jia CGTN, Madrid, Spain.