2018 Outlook: How will major world events develop in the coming year?
By Yi Shi and Liu Mengshi
The year 2017 is coming to an end. Major events have not only made headlines, but also shaped the world in the past 12 months. Some of the events may be over, but for many, there is no end in sight. The influence continues to echo. 
Below are some major events in various fields.

The Korean Peninsula

For now, there has been no way out for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) nuclear crisis, so the path ahead to resolve the issue on the Korean Peninsula remains unclear in 2018 with high possibility of more missile launches, military drills, sanctions, and intensifying rhetoric.
One of the missile launched by DPRK in 2017. / VCG Photo‍

One of the missile launched by DPRK in 2017. / VCG Photo‍

ISIL 2.0?

In the Middle East, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) suffered a major blow, as Iraq and Syria announced the liberation of Mosul and Raqqa, which were previously under the control of ISIL. 
A militant holds ISIL flag. / VCG Photo

A militant holds ISIL flag. / VCG Photo

Brexit continues

The huge hurdles in Europe will concentrate on Brexit negotiations, as more protracted talks and bargaining will be brought to the table in the coming months.

Zimbabwe under new leadership

In Africa, Zimbabwe experienced a dramatic and unexpected power change in 2017. Robert Mugabe, who was the former president and had been in power for 37 years, was out of the office at the end of November.
Under Mnangagwa's leadership, many hope for a rejuvenation of Zimbabwe's economy.
Another five years with Putin?
Valdimir Putin has put forward his bid to run for another presidency term in 2018. If he wins, he would mark his 24th year in the office at the end of the term in 2024, including his time serving as Russian president and prime minister.
Many wonder if Russia is going to come back as a world leader on a road of rejuvenation and revival as it is promised by Putin.

US mid-term election

Next year will usher in mid-term elections in the US, though how the seats will be redistributed in Congress remains unknown.
Democrats surprisingly emerged victorious in Alabama's special Senate election, which many considered as the barometer for the upcoming elections and a major blow for Trump’s already embattled administration.

Belt and Road Initiative in 2018

For China, the Belt and Road Initiative signaled open-minded economic policies. This year’s Belt and Road Forum sent a message that China will further boost the initiative.
As anti-globalization sentiments surge, how China's role play out on the international stage is one of the key focuses in 2018.

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Russia World Cup

"Peace" is among the themes of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. More than a sporty spirit, the Korean Peninsula will need warmth during the cold season. 
South Korean President Moon Jae-in hopes the Games will ease the tensions, and has urged the United States to suspend their annual military drills during the Olympics.
Banned from Pyeongchang, Russia still has the World Cup. However, ISIL threats and the absence of some top teams might prevent the Cup from meeting fans' expectations.

Round 2: AlphaGo vs. the world?

AlphaGo defeated world number one Go player Ke Jie in 2017. What can we expect from AI in the new year? 
AlphaGo defeated world number one Go player Ke Jie. / VCG Photo

AlphaGo defeated world number one Go player Ke Jie. / VCG Photo

Communication from outer space
China’s Wukong satellite detected mysterious signals in the measurement of high-energy cosmic rays, which might lead us closer to proving the existence of invisible matter in the universe.
As the world enters 2018, we’re still trying to find the answers to all of this... and many more questions.