Ibero-American Theater Festival: 16th edition of world's largest theater festival underway in Bogota
Drama, comedy, costumes and culture are on display across twenty stages in Colombia's capital, Bogota. It's the Ibero-American Theater Festival - a much-anticipated performance extravaganza, held every two years. CGTN's Michelle Begue has more.
Colombians welcomed the 16th edition of the Ibero-American Theatre Festival in Bogota.
MARIA PARDO SPOKESPERSON, IBERO-AMERICAN THEATER FESTIVAL "Every city in Colombia has its carnival, this is Bogota's carnival, the Ibero-American Theater Festival."
Varied points of view about life, politics and culture are played out in comedies, dramas, and dance.
LORENA BRISCOE DIRECTOR, MEDEA73 "Our last four plays have spoken about femicide, terrorism and this last one is about the immigration phenomenon."
Argentine director and actress Lorena Briscoe from the Medea 73 theatre company brought their work Seven Years of Silence. The production takes a look at the life of an immigrant in Europe through a poetic and humoristic interpretation.
LORENA BRISCOE DIRECTOR, MEDEA73 "We want people to reflect. This isn't a play where everything is said. Instead people are invited to connect. There isn't a bad person and a good person. There is a lack of understanding of the other."
It has been 30 years since the biannual theater festival began in Colombia, and some theatergoers we spoke with say these current works are especially relevant.
ANGELICA MARIA AUDIENCE MEMBER "As a Colombian it makes me reflect on how we treat immigrants such as Venezuelans who are coming to our country. It helps us see what it is like to walk in their shoes, to be far from your family and alone."
MICHELLE BEGUE BOGOTA "The theater festival in Bogota runs until the first of April. Michelle Begue, CGTN Bogota Colombia."