Hong Kong Riots: Residents protest against US interference in China's internal affairs
Updated 17:35, 04-Aug-2019
Meanwhile, residents have gathered at the US Consulate in Hong Kong to protest against Washington's interference. They condemned the United States for supporting the recent riots, and demanded that it end its interference. They read an article aloud, saying Hong Kong is the Hong Kong of China and foreign forces will never be allowed to interfere with or disrupt the administrative region. Letters were also left outside the Consulate in the hope that the US government would know about the demands of the people of Hong Kong.
"The United States and the United Kingdom are interfering in the affairs of Hong Kong. They want to stir up chaos in China. They're afraid that our country is getting stronger. So we strongly oppose it. We will take care of our own affairs and not let them interfere. More than a century ago, they were able to bully us, but China is not the same as it was then."
"I want them know that we will resolve Hong Kong affairs ourselves. Now that the issue is getting more and more serious, we hope it won't become too complicated. So, I believe we can handle our problems in Hong Kong ourselves and we don't need foreign countries to get involved."