Interview with Vassilis Xiros: Sharing a Consul General's passion for film
Updated 17:20, 09-Jul-2019
We can hardly find a diplomat with more artistic temperament than Vassilis Xiros. The Consul General of Greece in Shanghai has composed music, recorded albums, written novels and screenplays. And now he's testing the waters in film directing! He's the writer and director behind the Chinese-Greek co- production "A Day in the Life of a Teddy Bear". Sun Wei caught up with him at the ongoing Shanghai International Film Festival and chatted about his passion for film.
1. Glad to have you here, Mr Xiros. You're gifted in many ways. Your major in university is Chemical Engineering. You've been working as a diplomat. You composed music, recorded albums, wrote novels and screenplays. And this time you're going to be a film director! But which role do you like the most and which do you think can best express your true self?
2. You've been living inShanghai for nearly four years. We know the Teddy Bear story is also set in Shanghai and it's about an intercultural romance between a local girl and a Greek expatriate. Did it come from your own experiences here? What's the inspiration for it?
3. Please share the schedule with us. What's going on? When are we going to see it on big screen?Thanks for sharing so much information. Looking forward to seeing your first film. And wish you a big success.