Hong Kong Riots: Beijing residents share views on HK riots & Versace controversy
Updated 16:31, 12-Aug-2019
Amid escalating violence on Hong Kong streets, Italian luxury fashion label, Versace, is embroiled in a controversy after one of its T-shirts identified Hong Kong and Macao as countries. We spoke to residents here in Beijing and here's what they had to say.
"I think this is one thing a brand should not do. You are a fashion brand, so just do what you need to. It has no right to promote such political opinions."
"I think Versace must explain its behavior. Do you support it, or do you think Hong Kong and Macao are independent countries? That question must be answered clearly."
"Versace should be aware that it is not acting rationally. An apology is a must. Now, I think what the brand should do is to restore the trust of all Chinese people. In the long run, if it makes such a low-level mistake again, the Chinese people will not allow it. As for Hong Kong, I think Hong Kong compatriots should look at things rationally and not be used by others. Hong Kong is one of the most prosperous areas in Asia. The economic exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong, whether it is in tourism or other aspects, is very beneficial to both sides."
"I hope that Hong Kong will go back to a peaceful and orderly state as soon as possible. We all look forward to a peaceful environment rather than violent acts for a so-called democracy."
"The riots hurt Hong Kong's economy. The tourism, finance and logistics sectors will also be harmed greatly. They should understand that Hong Kong is always a part of China. The current riots affect not only Hong Kong residents' daily lives, but also their economy and income. Hong Kong is getting better and better, and there is a strong motherland to support it."
"Personally, I am very worried. First of all, as Chinese, we all hope that the motherland will be prosperous and peaceful. I hope that Hong Kong, as a part of our big family, will have a peaceful living environment like Beijing. I also hope the riots can be stopped."