China pushes forward the Greater Bay Area plan to promote future growth

By CGTN's World Insight

The Greater Bay Area is a project that is likely to define the future of growth linking Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland and beyond. Connectivity and efficiency is the key, according to Henry Tang Ying-yen, CPPCC Standing Committee member from Hong Kong, in an exclusive interview with Tian Wei.
"I believe the Greater Bay Area is a golden opportunity that if we do not grab it, someone else will grab it, and someone else will take that away from us. I think we are in the perfect position to do so," said Tang.
When talked about the connectivity, Tang said: "The Greater Bay Area connects directly to West Kowloon [Hong Kong's Yau Tsim Mong District], because of the high-speed rail. But that is not the only connectivity; we have an international airport that serves thousands of flights a day."
However, to achieve true connectivity, it's not only about the transportation but also about streamlining the administrative systems. 
"It is becoming better and better now, of course, because of the two systems, there will be checks and balances in the two systems which are essential to ensure the integrity of the two systems, but we are setting up the co-located boundary checkpoints. We have a very successful experience with the western crossing; now we are going to build one in West Kowloon so that it will facilitate the people going in and out."
Even though the plan is still underway, Tang says he believes the vast majority of people living in Hong Kong are supportive of the project.
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