Uganda Fashion: Designers showcase beauty of local fabrics
Updated 20:23, 06-Aug-2019
African fashion designers are embracing their culture by using local fabrics. This trend was on full display at Uganda's International Fashion Week in Kampala. Isabel Nakirya reports.
Models decked out in African prints hit the runway at the Uganda international fashion week. For the designers, these shows were about more than just fashion.
JUDITH SMITH SOUTH AFRICAN DESIGNER "I think that we have so many interesting stories that we need to tell and the world wants to hear it."
ISABEL NAKIRYA KAMPALA, TANZANIA "This event has drawn designers from around the continent. And they are showcasing unique collections of African fabric with the aim of encouraging and promoting the African culture."
Many of this year's designs have been praised as ready for the market.
CATHERINE SAWE SAWE BABY FASHIONS "Most of the times on the runways we have things that extremely creative but not realistically wearable, but this showcase this time, it was all things that you could wear and it's fresh."
Many of the designers are looking into selling their products beyond Africa's borders. Tourism experts say fashion has the potential to sell the African image internationally.
LILLY AJAROVA CEO, UGANDA TOURISM BOARD "One thing it has done is brought out the creativity, the different pieces like the kikoyi that was used and that is very Ugandan and the awareness that this has created not only in Uganda but internationally, it's great for fashion industry but also for tourism."
For these fashion designers, the goal is to continue to craft creative designs that will be a hit both at home and around the world. Isabel Nakirya, CGTN, Kampala.