Meet the 80 million-year-old shark

2017-11-15 20:50 GMT+8

1 / 3   A frilled shark from the era of dinosaurs was caught swimming 2,300 feet (over 700 meters) below the waves off the Portuguese coast last weekend. The creature was unearthed during a research trip.  Dubbed “living fossils,” the very-rare frilled shark dates back 80 million years measured some 1.5 meters’ long. It has a slim, snake-like body with a relatively large mouth that would grab all your attention. / SIC Noticias TV


2 / 3   Seldom has its kind ever made it to the library, which makes this newly discovered ancient a VI-Fish to scientists. Professor Margarida Castro from the University of the Algarve said the shark is named after the frilled arrangement of its teeth. Its 300 teeth allow the predator to trap and firmly grab a squid, fish or other sharks. / Kelvin Aitken


3 / 3   This still-living 'prehistoric' creature could have contributed to 19th century sailors' stories of the sea serpents with its scary look, while its other peers - thriller movie stars like T-rex and triceratops - died out long ago. / SIC Noticias TV

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