An autonomous future with service robots
By CGTN’s New Money
The International Organization for Standardization defines a “service robot” as a robot “that performs useful tasks for humans or equipment excluding industrial automation applications”.
Service robots have already become popular in performing tasks such as cleaning homes or accompanying the elderly. In fact, such robots are just the start of something much bigger. And you should not be surprised if you eventually find yourself being attended by a batch of robot waiters when you dine out.
Service robots were originally designed to perform certain human tasks, but now robots are no longer cold, emotionless metal machines. Instead, they are cute and becoming more smart and emotional. 
In fact, there are some robots that are already taking the stage and becoming superstars at live shows and concerts. What make them super stars?
Besides for this, they can also offer assistance in schools, hospitals and elderly-care facilities. 
Creators of service robots emphasize that service robots are designed to live alongside humans, not as servants. After pets, service robots could be next best friend of people.