A 'Made in America' success? Foxconn plans $10 bln LCD screen plant
Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn is set to construct a 10-billion-US-dollar LCD display panel screen plant in the United States, a deal President Donald Trump asserted would not have been possible without his efforts.
The company said it plans to invest the money over four years to build a 20-million-square-foot plant that could eventually employ up to 13,000.
Trump has called for companies to manufacture more products in the United States and open additional plants. 
He has made several announcements since his election in November about US investments by both foreign and domestic manufacturers, building on his campaign focus of boosting American jobs.
But some of Trump's opponents aren't celebrating a victory for American workers. 
They say Foxconn has a history of underdelivering on major investment plans around the world. 
And the company came under pressure to improve working conditions following a spate of suicides at one of its plants in China.