Ethiopia Coup Attempt: PM Abiy: 121 suspects freed after investigation
Updated 13:51, 04-Aug-2019
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says his government is doing all it can to catch any of the remaining perpetrators behind the June 22nd failed coup. Speaking to the press, Ahmed said three hundred and fifty people have been arrested in connection with the coup attempt. And, 121 suspects were freed after being investigated. CGTN's Girum Chala has more from Ethiopia.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed begun by reminding citizens that the June 22nd coup attempt that was much more serious than people anticipated it. The incident resulted in the killings of the Amahara regional leadership and two army generals. Right after 355 suspects were arrested and of those 121 have been already released.
ABIY AHMED ETHIOPIAN PRIME MINISTER "We had used a remarkable leadership skill when we were curbing the dangerous situation. Second after the incident we did not panic and killed or imprisoned people just because they were suspects. We have maintained calm and investigated before detaining. That is why only around 340 people were captured and from those 121 of then are freed. We have to work to avoid a repetition of such happenings."
After successfully brokering a peace deal in Sudan Abiy has sent out a message to the parties.
ABIY AHMED ETHIOPIAN PRIME MINISTER "For the long lasting peace in Sudan those who say they are opposition or those who are leading the country whether they are within Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti or in Ethiopia must find a common ground to continue as a nation."
On the Ethiopian economy the prime minister promised a rapid economic growth will continue in the country. He said investment promotion will be given due attention.
ABIY AHMED ETHIOPIAN PRIME MINISTER "The main attention of the government is the economy of Ethiopia. Recently we have formed a national committee just like the one which executed the seedling planting which is being led by the prime minister himself. The main duties of this committee are changing the investment landscape, increasing output, using the resource we have put for irrigation and within few years we want to stop importing at least wheat, edible oil and sorghum for beer making. Apart from that we will tighten our regulation works against those who artificially cause trade imbalances."
GIRUM CHALA ADDIS ABABA "Prime Minister Abiy Ahemd came to power a little over a year ago and so far his multi faceted moves and reform agenda has garnered international attention, praises and even awards. But he himself admits assuring a rule of law and nation wide peace and security remain top in his agenda. Girum Chala, CGTN, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia."