Beijing Horticultural Expo 2019: Flowers spell new business opportunities in China
Updated 17:40, 02-Aug-2019
Flowers are liked by almost everyone around the world. But here in China, flowers especially seem to be a propeller for a boom in the catering and floral design industry. Take a look.
Statistics show that by 2020, China will have a 100 billion RMB flower retail market, in which flowers for daily consumption will reach 30-40 billion RMB.
"I grow flowers at home, most of which are succulents. I would buy succulent whenever I saw them. They could always make me happy when I was bored or stressed. After taking care of them for a while, I could almost say that I have fallen in love with them."
"I think flowers are stress relievers. They could brighten up a bad day and make people happy."
"Seeing the flowers blossom under your care makes you feel satisfied and successful. They could always give you unexpected surprises that make every day unique."
"I think flowers could help me to get relaxed. The fragrance of flowers could relieve my stress and tiredness. I don't always buy flowers, but I would always put some dried flowers beside the television. Whenever I see these flowers, I would always feel better."
Peking Youth Hostel has been recognized as "the most beautiful hostel" and "a restaurant surrounded by flowers". The founder and manager of Peking Youth Hotel is a girl from Qinghai, China. In her magic hands, old Chinese courtyards are reinvigorated with beautiful flowers.
WU FEI, FOUNDER & MANAGER PEKING YOUTH HOSTEL "I like to communicate with customers because I want to give them a different experience. Hostels are different from hotels in that customers could communicate with the owners freely as friends. Hostels could always make people feel at home. What I want to do is to give people a home on the road."
Wu Fei has her own ideas on the application and extension of gardening in traditional service industries.
WU FEI, FOUNDER & MANAGER PEKING YOUTH HOSTEL "The most important is to figure out how to fit the plants into the space and create a harmonious relation with human. For example, I wouldn't put any plant in hostel rooms, at most some orchids. Because the scent of flowers would make it hard for people to sleep. I also ask customers if they are allergic to pollen or have any specific requirements when they make reservations. We have to be very careful, because some people are allergic to pollen. We would also avoid decorating the restaurant area with flowers with strong fragrance, as it would make consumers uncomfortable when mixed with the smell of food. So, the experience of consumers is the most important."
Nowadays, young couples are more willing to have western style wedding ceremonies that are held outdoors or in churches. In these settings, floral design is becoming increasingly important. Creating a romantic and loving atmosphere with floral design that leaves a life-time memory for the newly-weds is the dream of many florists. Xiao Yue is one of them.
XIAO YUE FLORIST "For me, a bunch of flowers could make a space different. Before becoming a florist, I've never expected that I would be so busy. It is inevitable to stay up late when I do floral design for wedding ceremonies. Sometimes I wouldn't sleep for 24 or 48 hours, because I have to take care of the floral design for several wedding ceremonies at one time. However tired I am, I would always feel relieved and satisfied when I saw the effect of my design. That's why I've been engaged in the industry for all these years. The recognition of my clients would always make me happy and proud."