Beijing International Horticultural Expo: Venues nearly ready after intensive construction
Updated 13:40, 18-Apr-2019
Beijing is just two weeks away from a 5-month long international event filled with thousands of plants, flowers and more. Details from CGTN's Wu Guoxiu.
A celebration of roots in more ways than one. With dozens of countries showcasing many indigenous plants and flowers, Beijing's International Horticultural Expo figures to draw a worldly crowd. One big highlight - the Botanic Garden will host over 20 thousand tropical plants.
WU QIANG ASSISTANT TO BOTANIC GARDEN MANAGER "We designed this venue with three features. It's a classroom, a playground and a carnival."
The garden was funded by a private real-estate company in China. Wu says it cost about 44.6 million US dollars, most of which was spent on plants. But it wasn't all rosy trying to set the garden up.
WU QIANG ASSISTANT TO BOTANIC GARDEN MANAGER "In winter, the basic infrastructure was not quite ready. These tropical plants couldn't survive below 13 degrees Celsius. It was 10 below outside, and about 20 or 30 plants died."
The expo has a complex set of venues and gardens, distinguished by country names, organizations, plant species, or even China's provinces. Some iconic buildings include the Chinese Venue, International Venue, Botanic Garden and a Butterfly-shape theatre, where the opening ceremony will take place. Workers are finalizing decorations.
LI ZHIYONG PROJECT MANAGER OF TAIWAN GARDEN "People here are working around the clock with two shifts. The construction companies are hurrying to meet deadlines."
110 countries and international organizations have confirmed attendance. Designers are hurrying to convey ideas as much as possible.
ALEXANDRA POSADA INTERNATIONAL POTATO CENTER "In two weeks time, here at the site of the International Potato center, you'll have 2,000 potato plants in the tires and terraces, and it's emulation of what's past and present."
The expo will last until October. Audiences are expected to reach 16 million. Tickets are about 120 kuai, that's about 20 dollars and are now available online.
WU GUOXIU BEIJNG "This expo is a vast expanse of gardens. Some of the venues have taken as long as two years to build. But if you think you can only come here for flowers and trees, you can actually feel much more as it's a vivid example of how mankind can live green, and live better. Wu Guoxiu, CGTN, Beijing."