Chinese special envoy to Syria visits Iran
China's special envoy to Syria Xie Xiaoyan made a visit to Iran, where he called on all parties involved to observe a ceasefire. 
He also called for more humanitarian support for the embattled nation. He added the Syrian people should have the final say on their country's future.
"Over Syrian issues, China doesn't have any private interests, and we are committed to diplomatically solving the Syrian crisis. And China will never change its stance to the Syrian government, its opposition, or the international community,” said Xie.
“In my opinion, we should find out a way to round up the terrorists. In the meantime, we should stem terrorism from spreading to other regions,” he said.
Xie Xiaoyan stressed that the Syria crisis must be resolved from four parallel tracks, including the implementation of a ceasefire, humanitarian relief, anti-terrorism efforts and political negotiations. 
He added that China has always agreed that the Syrian people should decide the future of their country. 
Xie said that any foreign powers should not impose their opinions on the resolution method, and preventing terrorists from moving around as well as seeking a chance for the siege is the key point in the next stage.