Born to be wild: 63-year-old Chinese driver still fast and furious
K‍nown as the "Racing Driver in his Sixties," 63-year-old Liang Yuxiang once drove across Eurasia and the United States. 
"I feel that everyone has two ages, biological and psychological. One can never change his biological age, but he can stay young forever by keeping his mind active," says Liang.
Liang Yuxiang, retired in 2012 from his job as a company manager. Instead of settling down to a quiet life like many of his fellow retirees, he fell in love with car racing.
"I did not start learning about rally driving until I retired. When I step on the accelerator to speed up, I can feel my blood boiling in my veins. This is the feeling of youth, which is always a pleasure for someone at my age."
He is known as Uncle Liang on the circuit. It’s obvious he enjoys spending time with young people.
"It is written in my personality that I enjoy doing something that is ‘not for my age’. To tell you the truth, I don’t really get along with my contemporaries. Car racing is a sport for youngsters. I feel pretty good with them."
Liang Yuxiang and his friends are confronted with many obstacles during each race, but he considers difficulties to be the inspiration of life.
"Sometimes we are really exhausted, and there might be something wrong with the cars. But whatever happens, we can’t just lie down and give up. We have to drive to the destination anyway. Actually, it applies to life, too. No matter what difficulties we encounter, they must not stop us from running towards the destination. "
In addition to car racing, the 63-year-old spends his time jogging, bodybuilding and learning English. He's also willing to give extreme sports a try.
Liang believes that the length of human life is limited, but the width of life is infinite. He's in constant pursuit of the width.