A sneak peek of Hong Kong's record-breaking film industry
From comedy to action, Hong Kong has a film industry that has shattered a whole range of records and has given rise to a long list of Kung Fu stars.
Hong Kong film industry has the most astonishing film-making speed in the world. The region produced 300 movies a year in the 1990s. 
The gangster movie "Youth and Danger" for example, is a one-and-a-half hour long film that was done within only one week in 1996, making it the fastest film making record in the local industry's history.
Hong Kong also produced many long-lasting movie series like Jackie Chan’s Police Story series and Raymond Wong’s Happy Ghost series. Kung Fu star Jet Li had appeared in Hong Kong's longest-lasting movie series, Once Upon A Time In China, which started in 1949. 
Hong Kong-style Kung Fu has also outsourced more than its stars to Hollywood. From "Kill Bill" to "The Matrix," the region's influence is now everywhere and arguably part of the cultural mainstream.