‘Supreme’ Chinese composer Yan Liangkun dies aged 93
Veteran Chinese composer Yan Liangkun has died at the age of 93, leading to deep mourning in music circles.
He passed away in Beijing on Sunday, Xinhua News Agency reported. He had been fighting cancer.
Yan was a pioneer of Chinese choral music. Born in 1923, he learned at an early age from Xian Xinghai, who composed the Chinese household standard "The Yellow River Cantata".
Yan developed a lifelong relationship with "Yellow River Cantata", conducting it thousands of times.
Yan Liangkun /VCG Photo

Yan Liangkun /VCG Photo

"His profound understanding and artistic interpretation of 'The Yellow River Cantata' has become a classic. He reigned supreme in conducting the song," said Guan Xia, director of the China National Symphony Orchestra.
Yan also supported and conducted many choral works created by Chinese composers, helping to promote native Chinese songs and raise their standard.