AI technology to help workers find jobs
Applying for a job can be a tedious process, requiring energy and patience. But Grayevsky, a San Francisco-based company believes Artificial Intelligence, can help improve the way in which we seek employment.
Landing a job after graduation could be challenging, according to US CareerBuilder Website, 75 percent of applicants for jobs never hear back from employers.
That's why the Mya system was created. Mya is Artificial Intelligence virtual recruiter that communicates with job seekers via text or even Facebook messenger and asking questions and responding to their questions too. It even gauges how interested people are in a job. If the applicant is qualified, the applicant could book an interview with a human recruiter or hiring manager within five to ten minutes.
Mya is currently working with three of the five largest global recruiting agencies to mainly help companies that have high volume workforce, like warehouses, call centers, and hospitality companies.
Despite growing public concern over AI replacing human jobs, the company CEO says Mya is helping people find employment and allowing recruiters to do more.