Sudan Transition Deal: Former ruling party and loyalists to former president excluded
Updated 10:36, 05-Aug-2019
Now we turn to Sudan where military rulers and main opposition leaders are preparing a new constitutional declaration. CGTN's Yasser Hakim looks at the fate of the former ruling party and those loyal to ex-president Omar Al Bashir in the new political equation.
News of the agreement on a constitutional declaration has led to wild celebrations in Sudan. A power sharing body of five generals and six civilians will oversee a transitional period that will lead to a new government and constitution. The deal has been signed by the military council and opposition Forces. But politicians and parties loyal to former president Omar al Beshir have not been involved.
SHAHENDA ALI DEPUTY EDITOR IN CHIEF, AL BAWABA NEWS "The Islamists and the National Congress were the strongest supporters of Al Beshir. They were not involved in any of the ongoing negotiations. The opposition and the military council have ignored them in any talks. The Islamists and national Congress have also lost most of their popularity and public support in the streets, because of their close relationship and corruption with the former president."
Some leaders at Al Bashir's National Congress have tried in vain to join the power sharing deal. But others have pushed to sabotage the peace talks.
SHAHENDA ALI DEPUTY EDITOR IN CHIEF, AL BAWABA NEWS "After failing to break up the peace efforts, the national Congress and Islamists are trying to rebuild their presence by establishing new parties and using unknown personalities as a facade. They would claim they are modern political parties who are pro civilian and democratic rule. But once they gain popularity they will force their extremist ideologies just like they tried in Egypt and other Arab countries . The public must have the awareness to avoid such a scenario."
According to the power sharing agreement, the transitional period will be about three years.
YASSER HAKIM CAIRO, EGYPT "While the National Congress has been cast aside politically, many of it's leaders including former president Omar Al Beshir are now facing trial for corruption and abuse of power. TH, CGTN, CAIRO."