Global Trade: First Cross-border E-commerce Conference held in Beijing
The World Customs Organization and China Customs are co-hosting the First Cross-border E-commerce Conference in Beijing. About two-thousand guests from 125 countries and regions are attending the event. Our reporter, Wang Hui, brings us more on the goal of the gathering.
Guests from governments, major enterprises and international institutions are attending the event. The head of the Chinese E-commerce giant, Alibaba, Jack Ma, spoke at the opening ceremony. He said that E-commerce has brought remarkable changes to China.
There were about one hundred million parcels sent around China per year 20 years ago, but now it's more than 30 billion a year, about one hundred million parcels per day. Jack Ma expects that in the next eight to ten years, the number of parcels will rise to one-billion a day, and 15% of them will come from overseas. China will rely more on imports in the future, so it will bring more opportunities to the world.
Jack Ma believes cross-border E-commerce will become a global trend and bring positive impact to the world.
JACK MA, EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN ALIBABA GROUP "Purchasing globally, selling globally, delivery globally, making payments globally and shipping globally will become the new type of global trade and commerce."
To resolve the challenges brought by this kind of new commerce and better facilitate cross-border E-commerce, the World Customs Organization and China Customs drafted a framework of standards for cross-border E-commerce. It's the first guiding documentation on how global Customs supervise and provide services for cross-border E-commerce. One issue on top of the agenda this time is to further discuss this framework. Chinese Vice-Premiere, Wang Yang, also urged the participants to facilitate the accomplishment of this framework.
WANG YANG CHINESE VICE-PREMIER "Regarding this framework, I hope this conference will collect a wide range of ideas, and the participants will follow the principles of discussing together, building together, and enjoying together, making this framework be issued as early as possible. I also hope all governments will facilitate the implementation of this framework. So, it can be further completed in its application."
Although cross-border E-commerce is already quite popular in China, it's still new in some countries. The organizers want people to use an innovative way to learn about and apply new platforms.
SUN XIANGYANG, CHAIRMAN WORKING GROUP OF E-COMMERCE WITH THE WORLD CUSTOMS ORGANIZATION "You must take consideration that e-commerce is new, you don't use your old ideas or old ways of control, to control. There will be no solution to the challenge."
WANG HUI BEIJING "The first Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference will run for two days. Various panels and discussions will be held, including on risk-control, the application of new technology, new opportunities brought by China's Belt and Road Initiative, and the framework of standards for cross-border E-commerce."