PLA Navy 70th Anniversary: A look at China-Egypt cooperation
Updated 15:30, 24-Apr-2019
Military exchanges have also flourished between the Chinese Navy and its Egyptian counterpart. Yasser HAKIM has the details.
The Chinese and Egyptian navies have been in constant cooperation recently. Egypt hosted the Chinese escort mission in a training round with its Russian counterpart.
SAMIR RAGHEB CHAIRMAN, ARAB CENTER FOR STRATEGIC STUDIES "A segment of the Chinese fleet number 152 was the one that participated in the training exercises in Egypt with the Russian navy. The 5-day mission used six frigates from the Russian side and three rocket-propelled frigates from the Chinese side, including the vessel Hu Feng."
The Chinese and Egyptian navies have also been coordinating IN securing the trade routes in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.
SAMIR RAGHEB CHAIRMAN, ARAB CENTER FOR STRATEGIC STUDIES "Piracy in the Horn of Africa and Somalia have threatened trade and oil ships. The Chinese escort mission is securing this area along the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, not just from piracy but illegal migration as well. The Chinese Navy is coordinating with the Egyptian Navy. Egypt is securing the area along the Libyan border and Suez Canal in the East Mediterranean all the way to the Gulf of Aden. So they complement each other."
As part of the cooperation, the Chinese Navy has also supplied Egypt with eight frigates and anti-submarine weaponry as well as rocket held boats.
YASSER HAKIM CAIRO "More cooperation is expected soon, as discussions are underway between the Chinese and Egyptian officials to hold more training exercises in the next year. Yasser Hakim, CGTN, Cairo."