Street art vs graffiti in Melbourne
The city of Melbourne has a reputation for being one of the street art capitals of the world, with countless works dotting its lanes. The city has reached that distinction despite a conflicted relationship with the controversial form of art.
Goodie is one of the street artists in the Australian city, and her canvas for the day is a blank wall inside what looks like an abandoned building – a change from the outside work she has done in a career that started with graffiti. 
Shaun Hossack, founder of Juddy Roller Studio, a street art network, said street art is accepted as a cultural movement that benefits Melbourne and the community, and makes places look better.
The street art has certainly attracted tourists from around the country and the world. There are street art walks and tours, and Melbourne even commissions street art projects.
But while some see it as an artistic form of expression, others see as an eye sore. 
Tens of thousands of dollars are spent cleaning unwanted graffiti off the city’s public transportation each year, and the laws around what is and isn't allowed aren't clear cut.
Since the movement started, it has become a prominent part of the landscape in the inner-city suburb of Fitzroy. 
CGTN’s Greg Navarro reports that much of the illegal graffiti has given way to commissioned, highly-skilled works of art, which is being used to combat unwanted vandalism.