Premier Li: No winners in a China-US trade war
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang dismissed concerns over the so-called China-US trade war, saying a trade war does no good to any countries and there will be no winners.
At the annual press conference in Beijing on Tuesday, the premier applauded bilateral economic cooperation between China and the US, and urged the White House to be rational and avoid a trade war.
Li said it was overstated that China's growth will pose a threat to other countries and that China will replace the US as the world leader, in response to a question raised by US broadcaster NBC.  
Xinhua Photo

Xinhua Photo

Li said China is the world's largest developing country and the US is the largest developed country, emphasizing that a stable China-US relationship is significant to world peace and stability.
Bilateral economic ties are mutually complementary, Li stressed.
Last year, bilateral trade volume reached 580 billion US dollars and such a volume was reached based on business and market principles, he said.
We don't want to see a trade deficit with the US and any other countries, Li continued. China will continue to open up, and there will be plenty of opportunities for US companies. 
Li concluded by saying that China hopes the US can ease its restrictions on exports of high-tech and high-value goods to China, stressing that intellectual property rights would be well protected. 
(CGTN's Hu Binyi also contributed to the story.)