China-Greece Cooperation: Greece becomes first developed country to sign Belt & Road MoU
Updated 08:44, 31-Aug-2018
Belt and Road is on the top of the agenda for Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias who is visiting China. Kotzias signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the BRI, making Greece the first developed country to have done so. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says the Belt and Road Initiative is for both developing and developed countries. Wu Guoxiu reports.
China and Greece agree to cooperate on developing the Belt and Road as their foreign ministers sign an MOU in Beijing.
China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi says China would like to connect the Belt and Road Initiative with European investment and connectivity programs, making it a new growth point between China and Europe.
WANG YI CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTER "China sticks to openness and inclusiveness in building Belt and Road, not forming a clique, no high criteria, no black case work. Developed or developing countries are both equal partners in the construction of the Belt and Road. Especially as unilateralism and protectionism are rising, building the Belt and Road itself is a sign of commitment to multilateralism."
Answering a question from CGTN, the Greek foreign minister said Greece will cooperate with China more on politics, economy and culture.
WU GUOXIU BEIJING "After this talk, what are the main areas and goals you prioritize mostly regarding China-Greece cooperation, and what are the means and mechanisms to achieve these ends?"
NIKOS KOTZIAS GREEK FOREIGN MINISTER "I think the most important thing is that we are two countries with mutual trust of each other, we are working together with confidence. The second is economy, we have a lot to learn from China."
Among many plans for the future, China and Greece will continue to work together on the Port Piraeus program. The cooperation has helped the port increase in global rankings. With its 55 sea lanes, the port helps BRI countries expand their reach into the Mediterranean and to other countries around the world. Wu Guoxiu, CGTN, Beijing.