3 billion US dollars revenue generated in Thailand’s medical tourism is growing at 16% yearly
As Asia’s medical tourism industry has undergone rampant growth in recent years, the Thai government in particular is promoting the country as a major medical hub of ASEAN. The industry generated over 3 billion US dollars in revenue and is growing at a yearly rate of 16%, largely driven by customers from the ASEAN region. 
For the Thai healthcare system, there is much to gain from the upcoming integration, which may usher in innovative medical care and tailored services to better cater to the medical needs of the ASEAN customers. 
The Thai government is planning to take one step further by firmly establishing the kingdom as an international health hub, working on improving its services while simultaneously increasing quality of life for its residents.
However, while the country is ready to heal the world, the irony is that the majority of its own people remain at the back of the queue. A severe shortage of doctors and nurses has meant life or death situations, and people may wait all day long just to see a doctor.