17 hours’ life-or-death race to rescue a Chinese boy with rare ‘panda blood’
It was a life-or-death race against time.
As the Executive Deputy Director of the Consular Assistance and Protection Center at China's Foreign Ministry, Yang Shu is the leader of a team responsible for guaranteeing the safety of Chinese citizens overseas.They are regularly called on to respond to emergencies. In one incident, dubbed the “panda blood” case, they had to find a suitable donor for a Chinese boy in Indonesia, who was so ill and needed a blood transfusion desperately. 
How did they manage to find the blood, and how did the boy fare? Find out with #MindsofChina: December 18th-25th, 1015-1030, 1415-1430, 2045-2100 and 0315-0330 (next day) BJT (GMT+8)