‘What is China?’ There are many true pictures of a rising China
Updated 10:35, 28-Jun-2018
By CGTN’s Han Bin and Nathan King
For the past three weeks, we’ve been searching for answers to questions on China. The one simple question of “What is China?” is both the title of this series and our quest.
China’s fast growth draws much attention in the world, and there have been different portrayals of its economic, political, social status. There is no easy answer, no single answer. We’ve covered a wide range of topics, and met a wide range of people.
In the final episode, CGTN reporters provide their perspectives, through the camera lens and interviews.  
China is becoming more confident with its growing economic power. And what happens here affects the entire world.
There's a price to pay for China’s progress, and problems to be resolved - yet people never stop pursuing their dreams. ‍
CGTN wanted to document their lives and gave them the opportunity to tell their own stories.
There is a long way to go before all those dreams can be realized. And CGTN intends to keep bringing those stories to you.