Wanshou Dialogue on Global Security: International experts discuss ways to maintain world stability
Updated 16:57, 09-Jul-2019
The second Wanshou dialogue on global security has kicked off in Beijing. Scholars and former officials are exchanging views on international issues. Relationships among major countries is one of the big topics this year. CGTN's Sun Tianyuan reports.
China-US relations are receiving much attention at this year's Wanshou global security dialogue. Experts say they were glad to see that presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump were finally talking at the G20 summit. However, it may take a long time to resolve the issues between the world's top two economies.
SAM ZHAO NATIONAL COMMITTEE ON US-CHINA RELATIONS (NEW YORK) "The meeting between the two leaders may somewhat ease the tensions. But the major direction of the US' policies on China is unlikely to change in the short period."
MARTIN JACQUES UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE "I don't see yet the signs that there's a clear willingness on the part of the Americans to be more amiable and reasonable in their positions and relationship to China."
But cautious optimism can also be heard at the event.
DAVID FIRESTEIN UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS "I believe China's prosperity can bring bigger buying power. It's beneficial to US manufacturing and the economy. There's nothing fundamentally contradictory in the two countries' development."
While those in the US who share this view are becoming harder to find, China's contributions toward regional stability in Northeast Asia, namely on the Korean Peninsula, is less disputed.
DOUGLAS BANDOW CATO INSTITUTE "Certainly China has played an important role in encouraging North Korea to be willing to negotiate and hopefully move forward on denuclearization. And the PRC is critical to those efforts."
Other issues such as regional security and emerging technology will also be addressed at the dialogue. This is the second event of the kind hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament.
SUN TIANYUAN BEIJING "The association says the world is facing uncertainties and new challenges when it comes to security, and it's time for a change. It hopes experts can tap into these sources of wisdom and strength, and contribute to a world of universal and lasting peace. Sun Tianyuan, CGTN, Beijing."