Hymns for Greek Gods: Ancient Greek sounds transfix audiences in Athens
Athens resonated on Thursday to sounds from ancient musical instruments, and hymns once sung to the mythological Greek gods thousands of years ago. Let's listen in to this distinctive celebration of World Music Day.  
These quaint reconstructed instruments carried their listeners back to antiquity. Music was an integral part of almost every aspect of ancient Greek society, from religious to social to athletic events. The concert was staged by the musical group Lyravlos, in the midst of the ancient marble statues in the National Archaeological Museum's courtyard. Tourists and locals flooded the venue to hear what type of music the instruments can produce.
FRENCH TOURIST "One sees them on statues, on reliefs, and you can't imagine what they might sound like, and especially together, so this was really inspiring and enriching."
Lyravlos is formed by a family of musicians. They created exact replicas of the ancient instruments. The natural materials they used include animal shells, bones, hides and horns.
Only around 60 written scores of ancient Greek music have survived through the ages, with merely about ten being preserved whole.