Interview with director of Palace Museum: Cultural history exchanges inspire people nowadays
By Li Jingjing in Boao
The Palace Museum or the Forbidden City in central Beijing never lacks being in the spotlight.
It served as the palace of the ancient Chinese royal families in the Ming and Qing dynasties from 1421 to 1911 and then turned into a museum that holds the largest collection of China’s ancient relics. The Palace Museum also attracts admirers from around the globe due to its rich culture.
In recent years, it has attracted quite of a lot of admirers among the younger generations because of its creative cultural products, well-acclaimed documentaries and variety shows that help promote the cultural relics.  
It's director, Shan Jixiang, became a hero due to his deep understanding of culture and constant efforts to renovate the Palace Museum.
At the Boao Forum for Asia from April 8 - 11, Shan spoke to CGTN Digital and shared his views. 
He believes, the vast stories behind the Palace Museum relics will help cultural history exchanges around the world, and will definitely inspire the next generations to come.
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