Human Genetic Resource Regulations: Violators may be banned from handling certain materials in China
Updated 17:32, 09-Jul-2019
China's government rolls out new regulations governing human genetic resource management. At a Wednesday press conference, experts said human genetic resources are strategic resources, and that China supports the proper use of human genetic resources for the proper reasons. CGTN's Liu Yang reports.
The last time China issued regulations on genetic resource management was back in 1998. Back then they were called Interim Measures for the Management of Human Genetic Resources. Now, with incidents such as creating "gene edited babies" and several violations reported for cooperating with overseas institutions on researching human genetics, China has decided to implement stricter rules.
XU NANPING, VICE MINISTER THE MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY "The collection, preservation, utilization and external provision of human genetic resources in China shall conform to ethical principles and conduct ethical reviews in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. Human genetic resource providers' privacy rights should be respected, and their legitimate rights and interests protected. The sale of human genetic resources is prohibited."
The regulations also state that fines of 1 million to 10 million yuan will be imposed if foreign organizations, individuals or institutions collect or preserve Chinese human genetic resources in China, or make use of Chinese human genetic resources for scientific research, or provide Chinese human genetic resources to abroad.
WU YUANBIN,DIRECTOR SCIENCE & TECH DEPT. FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT MINISTRY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY "The regulation simplifies the approval process. There's no need for approval in situations like obtaining marketing licenses of relevant drugs and medical devices in China, or using human genetic resources in clinical institutions to carry out international cooperative clinical trials. It adopts the record system management."
Experts say human genetic resources are of great significance for safeguarding public health, national security, and social and public interests. 
LIU YANG BEIJING "This year, the State Council will also speed up legislation on the safety management of bio-tech, R&D and the clinical application management of new biomedical technologies. Their aim is to prevent organizations and individuals from carrying out behaviors that seriously violate social ethics or promote bioterrorism, and avoid bio-safety hazards. LY, CGTN, BJ."