Scottish leader says will look at independence vote by end of year
Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said on Sunday she would be able to make a judgment on whether to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence by the end of this year after a deal between Britain and the European Union becomes clear.
"By roundabout the autumn of this year we should have some clarity about that future relationship," Sturgeon told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show. "That’s when I will be able to look at that and make a judgment on what I think the next appropriate steps are for Scotland."
Sturgeon said that around October it would be clear what Brexit will entail given that both the UK and European parliaments will have made a decision on post-Brexit relations, according to the National, which has supported Scottish independence.
"I should caveat that by saying I‘m not in control of that timetable," she said on the show.
(With input from Reuters)