China-Bolivia Cooperation: Various agreements signed including MOU on Belt & Road Initiative
Updated 12:39, 06-Sep-2018
Bolivian President Evo Morales made his fourth visit to China earlier this summer. The two countries signed agreements on trade, transport and telecommunications, as well as a memorandum on China's Belt & Road Initiative. CGTN's Dan Collyns spoke to the country's foreign minister about Bolivia's special relationship with China.
FERNANDO HUANACUNI BOLIVIAN FOREIGN MINISTER "The relationship between China and Bolivia has never been better. We've elevated our bilateral relationship to a strategic partnership. For that reason, for us, it's another step in our process of integration. Bolivia always looks for integration, not only regional, but also through other continents and emerging countries like China. Because China, without a doubt, is emerging, not just with its economy but with a leadership which is determining the new world order. Multilateralism is a guarantee of global stability because if that was just defined by force it would not be stable. That's why the multilateral system guarantees that smaller countries have a voice, a vote and a role in world peace. In that we are in agreement with China."
DAN COLLYNS LA PAZ, BOLIVIA "And in concrete terms how has the commercial relationship between Bolivia and China improved since that visit?"
FERNANDO HUANACUNI BOLIVIAN FOREIGN MINISTER "Since 2007, we've proposed exporting four key products from Bolivia; Coffee, quinoa, soy and beef. These products are of high quality. We've sealed the exportation of quinoa and coffee. The quinoa is of very high quality, they are species which are only produced in Bolivia next to the Uyuni Salt Flats such as Royal Quinoa which is a quinoa of the highest nutritional quality."