Belt and Road Africa Series: Cultural exchange program helps young Zimbabweans realize dreams
Updated 12:09, 18-Aug-2019
Today we begin our Belt and Road Africa series. Our first episode tells the story of a group of singers from Zimbabwe who participated in a talent show organized annually by the China-Africa Economic and Cultural Exchange Research Center. Our correspondent Farai Mwakutuya has more.
These are the melodic voices that won over judges during the DreamStar talent search and are now being honed for a professional music career.
GILBERT GWATIDZO BAND MEMBER, FUSION 5 MANGWIRO "If it weren't for DreamStar, we would never have known what the inside of a studio looks like."
But the trio's journey hasn't been easy.
BRIAN MAGUTA BAND MEMBER, FUSION 5 MANGWIRO "We came to Dreamstar in 2015 and as Fusion 5 Mangwiro. I remember we got through the first round, second and the third and we didn't make to the final because we got out at the regional level. That's the time whereby if you are in a competition you really expected much and things don't go your way you feel like I am done with the career."
A year later, they re-entered the competition. This time, they made it to the final four, an achievement that's clinched them a record deal and opened the door to the world.
BRIAN MAGUTA BAND MEMBER, FUSION 5 MANGWIRO "We managed to have a platform. Performing in China, we went to China four times since 2016. We did shows in Kenya, we did shows in Ethiopia."
Back home, the group has been finalizing their debut album.
AARON MANYATI BAND MEMBER, FUSION 5 MANGWIRO "We're launching an album in July, and that album will take us to the next level, so that our music and the name Fusion 5 can spread further."
Something that would have not been possible if they give up after their first failures.
FARAI MWAKUTUYA ZIMBABWE "Dreams can come true. This one certainly has. Remember the name -- Fusion Five Mangwiro from Zimbabwe, ready to conquer the world. FM, CGTN, H, Z."