Skyscraper climbing guidebook sparks heated debate
A guidebook on how to climb skyscrapers – it's a publication that's caused quite the stir and heated debate on social media. The book describes ways to climb skyscrapers in Tianjin, a metropolitan city in China's north.
Written by Mr Ma, the climber guide introduces some of his experiences in climbing towers and buildings while showing some stunning photographs he's captured from the rooftops.
It outlines and provides detailed instructions on how to break into locked rooftops, get rid of safety guards and how to set up cameras on balconies. The guidebook has been questioned by some as being "too risky". They even claimed that Ma’s behavior might disturb the public order since many of his photos were actually taken from restricted areas.
A photo taken from a rooftop by Mr Ma, photo from

A photo taken from a rooftop by Mr Ma, photo from

“His behavior should be stopped since skyscraper climbing is too dangerous. In addition, writing this guidebook may mislead others to follow the same kind of risky behavior,” @Guandu commented on Chinese social media platform Weibo.
Ma defended himself saying that he didn’t disturb anyone during his photographing, and all places he chose were safe enough for him to climb. Meanwhile, he also mentioned that he had never thought that this behavior might violate the law.
Besides those who hold a doubtful attitude, some people praised Ma as a brave photographer.
“He just wants to capture a full view of Tianjin’s night scene,” commented @shuqiSukki.
Besides bringing a thrilling experience and a sense of achievement, skyscraper climbing might also result in tragedy. It’s reported that a 17-year-old Russian boy died after falling 9 stories while taking a selfie on a rooftop in 2015, according to the International Business Times.